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" Isshin-Ryu Pioneers "

These are the biographies of  Isshin-Ryu's First Generation Students and their Sensei,

Grand Master Shimabuku Tatsuo


"Did You Know" - updated monthly


  "Pictures of the Month" - updated monthly


 "Legendary Warriors and Heroes"

These are the biographies of the most elite and renown sensei of both the Isshin-Ryu and Bando system as voted

on by the First Generation Students of each system.


"Historical Isshin-Ryu Correspondence" - 175 articles

This is step back in time as we look at some historical documents that help mold the early years of Isshin-Ryu Karate-Do.

We want to thank Master John Bartusevics for sharing the vast majority of the information contained here.


"Important Historical Isshin-Ryu Articles" - 254 articles

These are newspaper and magazine articles published on the Isshin-Ryu and Bando systems over the years. 


"Important Historical Interviews" - 14 articles


"Family and Friend's Video Collection" - 30+ videos


 "Martial Artist In Memoriam"



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