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The grading system (Belt Ranking) at Wayland's Isshin-Ryu is exactly like the system Grand Master Donald Bohan had in place at his dojo. 


Belt Rankings


Kyu Grades                                                    

Yon Kyu          -           (7th Kyu – White Belt)

Roku Kyu        -           (6th Kyu – Yellow Belt)

Go Kyu            -           (5th Kyu - Green Belt - two brown stripes)

Yon Kyu          -           (4th Kyu - Green Belt - one brown stripe)

San Kyu           -           (3rd Kyu - Brown Belt - three black stripes)

Ni Kyu             -           (2nd Kyu - Brown Belt - two black stripes)

Ik Kyu             -           (1st Kyu - Brown Belt - one black stripe)


When all the colors of the light spectrum are absorbed into an object that object will become black.   When the student has mastered all the knowledge of the color ranks and overcome that level of training his Obi will turn black.   But remember, if one color was to escape, ?



Black Belts

Shodan - First Degree Black Belt.                     Nidan - Second Degree Black Belt.



Sandan - Third Degree Black Belt.                   Yondan - Fourth Degree Black Belt.



Godan  - Fifth Degree Black Belt.                     Rokudan - Sixth Degree Black Belt.



Nanadan - Seventh Degree Black Belt.             Hachidan - Eighth Degree Black Belt.



Kudan - Ninth Degree Black Belt.                    Judan - Tenth Degree Black Belt.




Master Bohan gave me one of the Yondan / Godan red and white belts described above when I was prompted to Yondan.  It was the only time that I am aware of him presenting such a Obi.  



Black Belt Titles

Renshi: (4th - 5th Dan)

Shihan: (5th - 6th Dan)

Kyoshi: (7th - 8th Dan)


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