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Dojo Etiquette (Rules)


1)                  Everyone must remove his or her shoes and socks before entering Dojo.

2)                  Everyone entering or leaving the Dojo must BOW.

3)                  Students must request permission before leaving the Dojo floor.

4)                  Talking and unnecessary noise must be kept to a minimum.

5)                  Students must be properly attired at all times.

6)                  The Gi will not be worn to or from the Dojo.

7)                  Food, drinks, chewing gum, etc. are not permitted in the Dojo.

8)                  No rings, watches, or other jewelry will be worn during workouts.

9)                  No kumite is permitted without direct supervision of an instructor.

10)              Protective gear is required for each class.

11)              No spectators are allowed in the Dojo without permission of the instructor.

12)              There will be no vulgar language used in the Dojo.

13)              Any student with an injury must inform the instructor before working out.

14)              Proper courtesy will be practiced at all times.

15)              Proper respect will be shown to the other members of the Dojo.

16)              Safety is of prime importance.  Any student who acts without regard for the safety of other students or intentionally endangers or injures another student will be immediately dismissed.

17)       No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs is permitted to train.  This includes medication which reduces alertness or responsiveness and creates a safety hazard.

18)       Visiting other Dojos to watch their workouts or demonstrations without permission from the senior instructor is not permitted.


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