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This joke was found in Master Bohan's desk and its author is unknown. 

And, its to bad because he deserves an award.



“McDojo Over 99 Million Promotions Served”

 Instructor – “Welcome to McDojo.  How may I promote you today.”

Customer – “I would like a Black Belt, please.  Super Sized”


 Instructor – “Would you like a stripe with that?”

Customer – “Sure…why not.”


 Instructor – “What about a title?”

Customer – “Do you have any Grandmasters?”


Instructor – “Oh yes that’s our most popular model.”

Customer – “I’ll take one.  How long does it take to make?


Instructor – "It use to take a lifetime to prepare one of those.  In fact only a few could afford the sacrifice, but we now have them premade in about every style.  There are a few holdouts that will not give up their recipes, but we have guys working on that now.”

Customer – “I’ll take the one in your commercial.  I want the one that comes with the patches.  And don’t skimp on the patches.”


Instructor – “Ok …Coming right up!”


5 minutes passes


Instructor – “Here you go sir”

Customer -  “Oh no you don’t!  I paid for a red stripe and this one has a white one.”


Instructor – “The board of directors decided that the traditional red stripe reminded them to much of blood.  They don’t want you project a bad image.”

Customer – “Everyone I know has red strips!  It’s traditional to have red with the Grandmaster Combo!”


Instructor – “There’s nothing I can do.  And you owe for the white stripe upgrade.”

Customer – “No way!  Let me speak to whoever runs this please.”


Great Great Grandmaster Pan Zie – “ I am the one you seek.  What do you wish to know?”

Customer – “ Why can’t I have a red strip with my black belt?”


Great Great Grandmaster Pan Zie – “Red is no longer cost effective for our traditional training program.”

Customer – “So your telling me Red cost to much to make?”


Great Great Grandmaster Pan Zie – “Your insights do you well, young grasshopper.  But you would do well to keep these secrets…secrets.

Customer – “That’s it!  I have had enough, I taking my business to Burger Kwan!


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