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'MUMA' meaning 'Mixed Up Martial Arts'

   Not to be outdone by the booming success of the McDojo market, the Mixed Martial Arts culture has expanded it's practitioner base to kids under the age of 13 with their MUMA pilot program.  'MUMA' meaning 'Mixed Up Martial Arts'.  Full contact, no holds barred, 'first to cry' submission fighting.

    Parents are assured of prudent precautions such as the 'moonwalk cage' and compliancy to the UFC-PG13 rating adherence.  These measures are insured to guard against the possibility of kids seeing more violence than the evening news or being in more harms way than the unattended walk home from school.   

    The curriculum is unique in its skills progression which is ranked by tags (called 'chips') attached to the shoulders of the uniform:   One chip: Sandboxing.  Two chips: Recess Wrestling.  Three chips: Pre-Pubescent Rage.

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