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Training For Peak Performance


EAT RIGHT: Eat a well balanced diet and avoid being under or over weight.  Eat foods that are low in fat and cholesterol, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables.  Remember that carbohydrates provide 65 - 70 percent of your energy and that an excess of protein and fats are waste and create an extra load on the body.


TRAIN RIGHT: Set up a realistic program that suits your potential.  Apply the Hard-Easy philosophy in training by alternating hard work with easy (in a recovery day).


REST RIGHT: Spend time in meditation.  Conserve energy and lower your stress level.


PERFORM RIGHT: Set a strategy that fits your ability by developing your strength and overcoming your weakness, both mentally and physically.  Work to unify mind, body and spirit, and combine relaxation with concentration.


Train to be:




            FEARLESS OF DEATH: Death is unavoidable, so consider it a friend.  Be prepared to die with dignity, pride

                                                     and honor.  In such a frame of mind , you'll keep your composure and inner peace

                                                     under the heaviest pressure life has to offer.



1)   Improper training techniques.

2)   Improper stretching exercises.

3)   Improper warm-up.

4)   No cool-down exercises.

5)   Weak or unbalanced structure of the body.

6)   Over training (too much to soon).



1)   Loss of appetite or body weight.

2)   Abnormally high resting heart rate.

3)   Diminished interest.

4)   Increased susceptibility to illness.



Stretch before engaging in physical activity.   It is important from both a physiological and psychological standpoint.  Everyone, regardless of age or flexibility, can learn to stretch slowly, safely and successfully.  You can stretch any time and any place you want.  Stretching offers the following

Benefits of a good stretching program:


1)   Increases flexibility for better performance.

2)   Stretches the muscles as you strengthen them.

3)   Strengthens the muscles as you stretch them.

4)   Relaxes the mind.

5)   Reduces muscle tension and helps the body to relax.

6)   Helps coordination by allowing for free and easy movements.

7)   Increases range of motion.

8)   Increases muscle tone and prepares the muscles for use.

9)   Promotes circulation.

10)  Promotes body awareness, self-discovery (meditation).

11)  Helps loosen the mind's control of the body so that it moves more freely.


Your muscles must have a balance of strengthening and stretching activities to keep them toned and useful. Stretching can relieve pain from your workouts.  Moreover, when your muscles are tired they relax and strengthen more easily.  When stretching , you will improve your results by working with one part of your body at a time.  Learn to feel tension in your muscles and then let it go naturally.  Most importunately, learn to be aware of the body and the mind while you stretch.


NOTE : Every one of the top fighters that this Dojo has produced did the following:

 1)   Paid close attention to their diet.

2)   Keep a proper balance both mentally and physically.

3)   Stretched constantly.

4)   Kicked a heavy bag constantly.

5)   Paid great detail to Kata, searching out the smallest of details.

6)   Sparred / grappled / kumited / trained with any and everyone at every opportunity under as many different settings as possible.


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