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Louis King

We are currently searching for Sensei Lewis King or anyone who can supply us with Sensei King's biography.  Please send any information to the web master -

This is the latest information we have on Lewis King:

I worked with Lou on Okinawa in 66, 67, and 68. He had left the Marines and was a civilian working in Army Education at Sukiran. He was married, had several children, had his own dojo at the time, raised Dobermans, and also had a small band that played several clubs. (And he worked with me full-time on his day job!!) He wouldn't leave Okinawa because, he said, of his great fear of flying...though we did once go together on a business trip (conference) to Tokyo.  Lou was originally from New Jersey, but the closest family he had was his grandfather whom he dearly loved and respected.  The Okinawans we worked with said that Louis, at that time, was the highest rated non-Okinawn in Karate on the island.
I left Okinawa in the summer of 68.
In the late 70s or early 80s, my wife and I spotted Lou on a street in DC. He walked us up to his nearby office (import/export he said)  and then we followed him to his home in Prince Georges County for a short visit.
I haven't seen or heard from him since.
He was a fine man and good friend. I hope you've located him by this time.
Warren Rucker