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This is an ancient Chinese exercise with yoga overtones for developing an awareness of CH’I.  Originally, it was performed only at dawn, before the chores and distractions of the day had begun.  But if you perform it in the morning soon after you rise, without worrying about all the tings you have to do that day, you will still be able to feel noticeable differences within about two weeks. 

Find a quiet place to perform the exercise; somewhere you know you will not be disturbed.  At first, you will need a clock or watch nearby; later on, the timing should become internalized.

1.         Sit on the floor, rug, or pillow in a comfortable position.  It doesn’t really matter what form your legs take, as long as you are comfortable enough to remain in the same position for 15 minutes.

2.         Now, relax your body.  Keep your backbone straight but let all your other muscles hang.  If you still feel tense, do a little stretching and return to the sitting position.

3.         Start breathing in through the nose and out the mouth.  To be sure you’re doing this correctly; plug your nose before exhaling.  If you’re not releasing all your air through your mouth, you’ll know it.  Your breathing should be done inaudible, with your tongue resting lightly on the roof of your mouth.  Now you’re ready to start the timing.

4.         With a second-hand in sight, time your inhalation and exhalation cycles so that they don’t exceed 10 a minute.  You may take a breath less than once every six seconds, but you shouldn’t breathe more often than that.

5.         Continue breathing at the same relaxed pace.  Take you left are, cross it over your chest, and gently cover your right ear with your left hand.  Hold this position for five minutes.  Think only of relaxation.

6.         Now, reverse hands so that your right hand lightly covers your left ear while your left hand returns to your lap.  For another five minutes, concentrate on your uninterrupted breathing and on how relaxed you feel.

7.         For the last five minutes, yep, you guessed it!!!  Arms are crossed and both ears are covered at the same time.  Place your right arm on the outside of your left.  Keep your breathing slow and regular.  Try to visualize each breath as it extends out into all parts of the body.

That’s it!  If you perform this exercise daily, within 14 days you should notice some difference.  Your tongue should become semi-rigid during the exercise without your deliberately making it that way.  Your palms will become cool when they’re in contact with your ears; when not in contact, they form small beads of sweat.  Overall, your entire body will feel sort of light and airy, as if you could levitate.

The most important progress won’t show up quite so dramatically and it will take longer to develop.  But if these exercises are done consistently and correctly, your body will become more integrated with your mind.  And when your body and mid act in unison, you’ll find that you are healthier and stronger than before.  Your reflexes will sharpen remarkably and your body will become more pliable.  Just remember that the key is relaxation and concentration.



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