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Whenever I see the red flame of a rose on a thorny tree

I値l think of when God said to Moses,

Go down set my children free.


Whenever I smell fresh rain upon the land

I値l think of Solomon痴 great request;

Compassion for my fellow man.


 Whenever I touch the velvet moss, so soft, so rich, so green

I値l think of the way God made man,

In the image of his own self-being.


 Whenever I hear the pounding of a woodpecker痴 tempered beak

I値l think of Jesus nailed to the cross,

And the words God had him speak.


Whenever I taste clear cool water from a pristine mountain lake

I値l think of when Christ turned water to wine,

So that everyone could partake.


 Whenever my senses tell me, how a true friend can be

I値l think of my friend Rick,

He did it so perfectly....


                                                          Harvey Hastings


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