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Picture of Master Bohan courtesy of Chester Holubecki


In the late 1960’s, I met Mr. Donald Bohan at a Karate Tournament he was hosting in Quantico, Virginia.  Immediately I developed a great respect for this humble man, as he was extremely sincere and genuinely interested in assisting those in his presence.  I truly admired his mannerisms and ability to effectively interact with Karate students, instructors, judges, and those observing the tournament. 

Over the years that followed, I continued to observe Mr. Bohan at Karate Tournaments across the country although we communicated rarely.  That changed when Mr. Bohan approached me one day and indicated that he recognized my Martial Arts skills and abilities.  I remember him saying, “you’re okay!”  A positive statement of this nature coming from the Karate Master I admired for so long was very flattering.

Mr. Bohan and I maintained contact over the years and developed a very strong relationship on both a personal and professional level.  He encouraged me to continue my studies under Mr. Sherman Harrill.  Mr. Bohan said “you are on the right track, stay with him.”  His support greatly reinforced my attitude, views and ideas pertaining to Isshin-Ryu Karate.  I am eternally grateful to this wonderful man.

I later joined the Chairman of the Promotion Board for the AOKA at the encouragement of Mr. Bohan.  I was initially reluctant to take this step but decided to move forward after listening to the advise of Mr. Bohan.  I am so glad I overcame the issues that caused my initial hesitancy, as this was a very rewarding challenge.

In 1997, I spent a week with Mr. Bohan at a Karate Tournament in Detroit.  We had many lengthy and analytical discussions about Isshin-Ryu Karate and related matters.  Mr. Bohan documented and saved much of the information we shared with the intent of transferring it into a database on his computer for historical purposes.

I find it challenging to articulate all of the wonderful memories I have of this great man although they live vividly in my mind.  Mr. Bohan had a remarkable impression on my life and Martial Arts career.  I will always cherish the friendship we developed and respect Mr. Bohan as a true Master of Isshin-Ryu Karate.  Until we meet again.

Your Friend

Chester Holubecki


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