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            Welcome to the Donald Bohan and family website.  This site is a memorial to my sensei Donald Bohan and his martial arts, “Isshin-Ryu.”  To those men and women who knew the man as Sensei / Master Bohan and to those of us who also knew the man as a friend, I do not have to explain why I included the word “family” in the title of this website.  Within this site we showcase Master Bohan’s many manuals, articles, Dojo handouts / teaching aids, training methods, and of course, his friends.  You will need to look no further than the well-written tributes and the over 4,000 historical pictures contained in the photo album to understand that his circle of friends not only stretched far and wide, but also encompassed many other martial arts systems.  To his many friends, who have so graciously donated materials, I say welcome, enjoy and thank you.





It’s hard for me in a few brief paragraphs to explain the magnitude of what was given to me by Sensei Bohan.  He was my mentor, my personal advisor, my Sensei, and, most importantly, my best friend ever.  Pop gave me confidence.  He enlightened me about life, the world and my place in it.  He taught me about health and fitness, both physical and mental, to include spirituality.  He gave Karate-Do, his way of the empty-hand.


Simply acknowledging the great debt I owe makes me realize how really one-sided my relationship with Pop was.  He was the giver and I the willing taker of the many gifts.  He obviously considered me more than simply a student, and I am extremely proud to have been considered his close friend.  I learned much, if not all, that I know about martial art directly from Donald Bohan.  After having had the privilege of spending thirty plus years studying with him, it was the after-workout conversations, the in-car drives to and from tournaments, the family gatherings and just the day-to-day experiences with him that I count among my most precious times.  I got to witness first-hand how Sensei led his life, and from that I gained a unique insight into Donald Bohan the Sensei and Donald Bohan the man.  If you were fortunate enough to be his friend, there was no one as devoted and loyal as Donald Bohan. 



"Sources of Information"


            The information presented on this website is not intended as a final authority on the Isshin-Ryu System but simply was put together as a memorial of Sensei Donald Bohan and to share a little Isshin-Ryu history that otherwise might be lost forever.   I have been entirely candid – to the best of my knowledge and ability - about everything presented in the website.   I have divided all sources of information into five categories: written documentation, visual documentation, oral and personal notes, and donated materials.

Written Documentary Sources:  The most relevant original material is found in the manuals that Sensei Bohan produced in the 1970’s.   These manuals, which were fairly well guarded within our Dojo Family until the early 1990’s, are presented the way Sensei left them when he lost his battle with cancer.  It is important to note that although Sensei produced these manuals in the 1970’s, he continued to refine them right up until he passed in 1998.


Visual Documentary Sources:  The large collection of 8mm films, VCR tapes and pictures that Sensei Bohan left behind has been instrumental in giving us all an insight into his martial arts.   As time permits, excerpts from the 8mm films and VCR tapes will be added into the site.


 Oral Sources:  The first-hand recollections of friends, acquaintances, and colleagues, some of whom knew Donald Bohan long and well, others who had some brief encounter have been some of the best sources of information.


Personal resources: what I saw, heard, learned, and understood in the course of our thirty-year friendship.


Donated Materials:  This website owes a great deal to friends everywhere for their generous donations of materials which include: articles, letters, and papers Sensei Bohan wrote over the years, VCR tapes, 8mm films, and picture / 100’s of pictures.  Your kind gestures have made the research an extraordinary experience. “Thank You”



"Permitted Use"


All materials contained on this site, including text, graphics, still and moving images, sound recordings, and software, are the property of "Wayland's Isshin-Ryu Karate-Karate-Do, LLC" or its content suppliers and are protected by United States and international copyright laws.  The compilation of all-content on this site is the exclusive property of Wayne Wayland (Bohan’s Isshin-Ryu) or its content suppliers.  You may not reproduce, modify, distribute or republish materials contained on this site (either directly or by linking) without prior written permission.  You may not alter or remove any trademark, copyright or other notice from copies of content.




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