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Bohan’s Family July - "Warrior of the Month“

 Arthur Jolly, Isshin-Ryu



Arthur Jolly

(March 1, 1956 - May 1, 1983)


(Arthur Jolly, Gary Bush, Don Bohan, Wayne Wayland, George Green / June 5, 1981)


It was an extremely sad day!  Master Bohan had called to inform us that our friend and fellow dojo family member Arthur Jolly had drown in the Boston harbor.  At first we wondered how this could have been true as Jolly was an expert swimmer and avid diver.  What unfolded did not surprise us.  There was a boat accident and Jolly decided to stay behind with friend who could not swim, while the other members of the group swam to shore.  When the Coast Guard returned they found that the two had not survived the chilly harbor waters.    Master Bohan - "Our Karate Brother died the most honorable death.  He gave his life helping a friend."

I remember when Jolly joined our small backyard dojo several years before.  He was a bull and quickly earned everyone's respect.  He was one of the hardest working Karate-Ka I have ever had the pleasure to train with.  He took such pride in the fact that no-one could out exercise him.  Jolly would have given the Energizer Bunny a run for his money.  We miss him everyday.



(Arthur Jolly and best friend Gary Bush)